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[DE] German Way |PVP|100x|Kits|TP|New

[DE] German Way |PVP|100x|Kits|TP|New

Welcome to German Way Our Goal is to create the best modded experience for you. Facepunch VAC Ban-Spieler per IP/HWID. Settings: High Gathering & High Component loot Teleportation 100x teleport with Raid Block (5minutes) and Combat Block (1minute) High Loot++ Components+ Components like Vanilla Blueprints+ Some Blueprints are free for all Kits LVL System Clan System, that makes easy to play together Heute joinen und gleich Voten Pressent 1 Supp Signal

Players: 6/100
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[DE] Carry The Fire / PvP / No Wipe / No Decay / by Play4You-Ho

[DE] Carry The Fire / PvP / No Wipe / No Decay / by Play4You-Ho

Hello,this is a Vanilla Rustserver created by Play4You-Hosting. Neuer Server Modded join with View Webpage. Restart from Server Every Day 4 Hour CET/MEZ No Wipe and No Decay The rules are easy: - No Cheats - No Flames - Be friendly - No blanking / People should have the chance to continue after they have been raided - Do not destroy any sleepingbags or beds after your raid pls that a beginner server. There will be no Server wipe only Facepunch update.

Players: 6/250
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