Server Closed on December

New Server Admins im not more the owner of the server.

Servers Status

[EU]rustyplayz (Max5|XP|3xScrap|Stacks+) 03.01

[EU]rustyplayz (Max5|XP|3xScrap|Stacks+) 03.01

Hello,this is a Vanilla Rustserver created by Play4You-Hosting. Neuer Server Modded join with View Webpage. Restart from Server Every Day 4 Hour CET/MEZ No Wipe and No Decay The rules are easy: - No Cheats - No Flames - Be friendly - No blanking / People should have the chance to continue after they have been raided - Do not destroy any sleepingbags or beds after your raid pls that a beginner server. There will be no Server wipe only Facepunch update.

Players: 1/100
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